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Hair loss

Approximately 50% of all men suffer from hair loss. With the right treatment you can stop the loss and maybe even recover hair.


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Finasteride (Hair loss)

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How does Propecia work? Propecia is used for hormone related hair …

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What is hair loss?

Many people suffer from hair loss. But there is a difference between an above-normal hair loss (effluvium) and a visible loss of hair at certain areas of the scalp (alopecia). There are many different reasons for hair falling out: diseases as well as genetic causes and normal age-related hair loss.

The hair loss usually increases in old age and the scalp gets balder. From the today’s standpoint of medicine there is little to do against genetic hair loss. Genetic research has not yet found a solution for this and isn’t ready for the alteration of DNA structure related to hair growth.

However there are several diseases that could cause hair loss: for example infections, syphilis or the use of radiation (in cancer patients). If the disease is healed the hair production changes and the head hair gets denser again.
Even diets and a general imbalanced nutrition can lead to hair loss. If the body misses important vitamins and proteins it isn’t fully able to produce new hair.

Hair loss treatment

Propecia is used to treat hair loss in men, it is not suitable for women or children. After 3 months of using Propecia, many men see an improvement , results should be visible within 12 months. If you do not see any improvement in that period, it is unlikely that you will experience improved results after further use.

Propecia contains finasteride, an active ingrediënt which prevents the formation of DHT  on the scalp. DHT has a large influence on hair growth and hair maintenance and  will help affected hair follicles to recover.

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