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Are all medications genuine?

Yes, all the medications offered on this website are authorised within the EU and come from licensed pharmacies. You can verify the pharmacies at any time.

How can I be sure the medications are genuine?

The medication is delivered in its genuine package with the genuine patient information leaflet. Sometimes you will receive the medication in a foreign package. This is still the genuine product and there is nothing wrong with it. You can always verify the identity and authorisation number of our pharmacy. Furthermore, the medication packages contain a registration number, which you can check with the manufacturer.

About us

What is Medix24?

Medix24 specialises in providing genuine brand medication for a range of common lifestyle needs.

When was Medix24 established?

We have served over 40.000 satisfied customers since 2003.

Are you an online pharmacy

Medix24 is not an online pharmacy, but a platform for authorised doctors and pharmacies within the EU to provide patients online in their medication needs. This way you can order your medicaction online, without you having to leave your house.

How can I be sure Medix24 is a legitimate medical provider?

Ever since our establishment in 2003, Medix24 has only worked with licensed pharmacies and doctors. You can easily check the online registration of our partner pharmacies online by clicking on the PharmaCheck button on our home page. All doctors we have contracts with are registered with the GMC (General Medical Council) or equivalent in the EU / EEA.


How does the doctor consultation work?

We request you fill out a questionnaire to provide information about your medical condition.
An independent doctor will then assess the information you have provided, which is why it is very important to fill out your answers comprehensively and truthfully. This doctor may contact you by e-mail, to clarify any uncertainties or to advise you in case you have made an inquiry. If the product you require is suitable for you, the doctor will issue a prescription in your name and submit it to a partner pharmacy. Before we can process your consultation request, you must agree to our Patient Responsibility Agreement.

Can I contact your doctors about my condition?

Yes, if you have any questions for our doctors, please send a request via our contact form.

Do I need a prescription from my GP?

No additional prescription from your GP is needed, as it is a prescription issued by remote diagnosis. Any data and information we require are included in questions in the order form.

Should I contact my GP?

We at Medix24 encourage patients with health problems to consult a doctor. If you have any questions or problems with regard to your health we ask you to contact your GP rather than to start your own treatment


How do you guarantee my privacy?

Protecting your privacy is important to us. Please read our Privacy Policy for further information.

Is the order process discreet?

Medix24 pays careful attention to the protection of your personal data. All sensitive personal data that is exchanged between your computer and our website, is for instance encrypted using 128-bit (Secure Socket Layer) SSL. The order information is also protected by the doctor – patient relation.

Why do you need my telephone number?

The doctor and /or pharmacy may need additional information from you in order to offer advice on the correct and safe use of the medication or ensure proper product delivery. In such cases the doctor and/or the pharmacy might contact you directly.

Place order

How does the order process work?

When you select the medicine you require, you will be prompted to fill out an online medical questionnaire on a secure server. This will then be checked by an independent, licensed doctor. When he is certain that the desired drug is suitable for your health complaints, he will write a prescription, which is then forwarded to the pharmacy. Your medication is then sent from the registered, licensed pharmacy in a discreet, plain package with 24-hour delivery service.

Can I order by phone?

If you have ordered with us before, our customer service is at your disposal to take your order over the phone. You can reach us Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm at +44 – 870 82 000 45.

What services are included with my order?

Medix24 aims to provide you with high quality service, the best product quality and maximum safety available.
All services are included in your order: the complete processing, the medical advice, secure payment and express delivery from the pharmacy to the address of your choice.

What happens if the doctor does not approve my request?

An independent doctor will evaluate whether the medication your have ordered is in fact suitable for you. Should he decide this is not the case, no prescription shall be issued for you. Your request will be rejected and there will be no charge. If you have already made payment, the amount will be refunded immediately.


Which payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by credit card (Mastercard, VISA) or bank transfer directly to the pharmacy. Both payment methods are fully secure. If you pay by credit card, delivery time will be shortest. When you pay by bank transfer please allow 1-4 business days for your money to be credited to the pharmacy’s account.

When will payment be?

When you pay by credit card, a so called pre-authorisation will be made when you complete your order. In doing so, the payment amount is reserved on your credit card. Only when delivery is successful, the amount on the credit card will be captured, thus decucted from your card. When you pay through bank transfer, you pay in advance on the HSBCC bank account of Natcol, one of our cooperating pharmacies.

How will this transaction appear on my credit card statement?

Your bank statement will only show “Pharmacy Services”.

What is Simple2Pay?

Simple2Pay is a full service provider for online payment processing (a so-called “Payment Service Provider”). Simple2Pay communicates with the banking systems and processes your payment. The company is internationally certified according to the PCI-standards of Mastercard and Visa ensuring proper handling of your payment. Simple2Pay offers two payment solutions, (1) The e-Wallet. To be able to use the e-Wallet functionality of Simple2Pay, you have to make an account on their website. This account can be uploaded with money by transferring this from your bank account or by credit card. The uploaded amount can then be used for ordering on websites as Medix24. (2) Direct credit card payment. To directly pay with your Mastercard or VISA you do not have to make an account with Simple2Pay. During the ordering process on Medix24 you will be forwarded to the Simple2Pay module. There, you have to choose option 2. Follow the steps to finish the procedure.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, the price on the website is the final delivery price.


MasterCard payment

What is MasterCard® SecureCode?

MasterCard SecureCode is a new service that enhances your existing MasterCard card. A private code gives added protection against unauthorized use of your card when you shop at participating online merchants.

How does MasterCard SecureCode work?

Once you’ve registered and created your own private SecureCode, you will be automatically prompted by your card issuer to type in your SecureCode each time you make a purchase at participating online stores/retailers. Then your SecureCode will be quickly confirmed by your card issuer to complete your purchase. Your SecureCode will never be shared with the store/retailer and using it is as easy as entering your PIN at an ATM.

How does MasterCard SecureCode protect me?

Correctly entering your SecureCode during a purchase at a participating online store/retailer, confirms that you are the authorized cardholder. If an incorrect SecureCode is entered, the purchase will not be completed. Even if someone knows your credit or debit card number, the purchase cannot be completed without your SecureCode at a participating store/retailer.

What are the system requirements for MasterCard SecureCode?

MasterCard SecureCode works with most browsers. Please be aware that software which prevents pop-up windows may interfere with your use of SecureCode.

What card do I use? Will I need to get a new card to use MasterCard SecureCode?

You will be able to use any of your existing MasterCard credit or debit cards, as long as the cards are from a participating card issuer. If you’re not sure if your card issuer provides this service, please review our list of participating card issuers. If you don’t see your card issuer listed, they may be planning to offer SecureCode in the near future, so check back frequently.

How many cards can I register with MasterCard SecureCode?

We encourage you to register all of your MasterCard cards. There is no limit on how many cards you can register.

How do I know whether a merchant participates in SecureCode?

Most participating stores/retailers will display the MasterCard SecureCode logo on their site. However, even if you don’t see the SecureCode logo, the merchant may still offer SecureCode protection and you will be prompted to provide your SecureCode.

How will the online store know that I’m registered for MasterCard SecureCode?

When you use a card that is protected with MasterCard SecureCode, the store/retailer automatically recognizes your MasterCard card number during the transaction.

What happens when I use my SecureCode at a participating merchant?

There is no need to log-in or sign-in. When you make a purchase at a participating store/retailer and enter your registered MasterCard payment details, you will automatically be prompted by your card issuer to enter your SecureCode. After reviewing the details of your purchase and confirming that your Personal Greeting is correct, simply type in your SecureCode to complete your purchase.

What is a Personal Greeting?

The Personal Greeting is a message that you create during sign-up. Each time you make an online purchase at a participating store/retailer, you will be prompted to enter your SecureCode. At this time, you’ll see your Personal Greeting and other purchase details. The Personal Greeting is your assurance that you are communicating with your card issuer. If the Personal Greeting displayed in the pop-up box is incorrect, you should not enter your SecureCode, but should instead contact Customer Service immediately by calling the phone number on the back of your MasterCard card, to report a possible fraud.

How will SecureCode change the online purchase process?

The online purchase process will not change except that now you will be prompted to provide your SecureCode at the checkout. Your SecureCode will never be revealed to the store/retailer.


When will my package arrive?

When you order using credit card before 5 p.m., we will most likely deliver the next workday. If you pay through bank transfer, please allow several days for delivery.

What happens to the package when there is no one at home to accept delivery?

If you are not home, two more delivery attempts will be made. After that, the delivery service will leave a notice. With this notice you may collect the parcel from the delivery service at the address stated on the notice (please bring your identification). However, you might also arrange an additional delivery date by telephone.

What does my package look like?

Your package will be delivered in a neutral package, which does not contain any reference to its content. Neither does the package contain any visible reference to Medix24.

Do I need to be at home to sign for the package?

The pharmacy is required by law to request an adult’s signature for the delivery of prescription medication.

Can I enter a different delivery address (e.g. at work)?

Of course, you can specify a delivery address of your choice. This allows you to have your package delivered to your work address or holiday address.

Which courier company does the pharmacy use?

Our partner pharmacies use only reputable courier services, such as UPS or TNT.

How does “track and trace” work?

Once your package has been shipped, you will receive via e-mail with a link. This e-mail also includes your “Track & Trace” number and the web address of the courier service. When you click on this link, you will be taken directly to your shipment’s information page.

Can I expect problems with customs?

No, as all our deliveries come from licensed pharmacies within the EU and the medications are genuine, there will not be any problems with customs within the EU.

My package has not arrived yet. What should I do?

Please contact our customer service desk.

Customer service

I have a question or a complaint. What can I do?

Call our hotline, write an email using our contact form or use the live chat to get immediate assistance. Our customer service is at your disposal.

How can I contact you?

There are many ways to reach us. Call our hotline, write an email using our contact form or use the live chat to get immediate assistance. Our customer service is at your disposal.

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