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Weight loss

Obesity can lead to serious fatal health issues such as diabetes, cardiac and vascular diseases.


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Xenical (Orlistat)

How to achieve weight loss with Xenical Xenical is used to …

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What is obesity?

Obesity is a widespread disease. Heart attacks, diabetes, psychological problems and social exclusion are only a few of the consequences that obesity can cause. However, with the right techniques, obesity can be battled and as a result vitality and a joy of life can be part of your daily life again.

Causes of obesity

Why somebody is overweight often has more than one cause. Very often people tend to eat food containing lots of calories, which are not very satisfying long time causing a feeling of hunger to return again shortly. Weight gain can also be increased by a lack of exercise or psycho-social factors. For a lot of people eating has become a kind of therapy to fight stress and loneliness. Besides that there are also genetic factors involved in obesity, which can be targeted and specifically fought against.

Can weight loss pills help?

The goal is always to lose weight slowly and constantly. Exercise and healthy food can speed up that process. Taking Xenical is also very beneficial.
Xencial is the only still approved prescription obesity drug on the market. The drug, which supports weight loss is produced by the well-known pharmaceutical company Roche. It helps to rapidly lose a lot of weight. Afterwards the patient should try to keep the weight off by doing sports, eating healthy and by controlling his or her eating habits.

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