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Pfizer sildenafil

The potency drug Viagra by the Pfizer pharmaceutical company is very popular and effective. Its main active ingredient is sildenafil. Recently, the patent that Pfizer had on this sildenafil expired. Therefore, other producers may now produce drugs similar to Pfizer’s sildenafil. The generic sildenafil will often be cheaper than the original product Viagra. But you should always make sure who the manufacturer of the drug is and from which agent you purchase it. Pfizer now produces its own sildenafil drug which has the same active ingredient as its famous big brother Viagra and is made by the same reliable and reputable pharmaceutical company.

  • Used for treating: impotence
  • Effect within: 30 – 60 minutes
  • Effect lasts for: 4 – 6 hours
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How does Pfizer sildenafil work?

Sildenafil is a drug which is used to treat erectile dysfunction. It works by blocking the enzyme PDE-5. This enzyme is used by the body to break down erection, normally after orgasm but in some cases too soon making it impossible to reach orgasm.

Taking Pfizer sildenafil

An hour to half an hour before you plan on having intercourse, you take a Pfizer sildenafil tablet. The ingredients stay active for up to 6 hours. Pfizer sildenafil does not create an erection on its own, you have to be aroused first. When you first start taking Pfizer sildenafil, you take a low dosage to see how you feel when you use it, it might take some trying to find out which dosage works best for you but make sure never to exceed the maximum dosage as stated on the patient information leaflet.

Contraindications for using Pfizer sildenafil to help with erectyle dysfunction

If one of the following medical problems applies to you , you may not use sildenafil:

  • heart problems
  • liver problems
  • low bloodpressure
  • stomach or intestinal diseases
  • kindney problems
  • when you use nitrates

You should never use Pfizer sildenafil on top of another potency increasing drug. The use of sildenafil may also be contraindicted when you suffer from other physical problems, therefore it is important that you properly fill out the questionnaire when you order sildenafil.

Side effects of Pfizer sildenafil

Common side effects of sildenafil are

  • headaches
  • flushed skin
  • runny or congested nose
  • indigestion
  • impaired vision

Always check the patient information leaflet if you experience side effects and when in doubt, make sure to contact a physician.


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