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A viral flu is also called influenza. Influenza is a highly infectious viral flu that can be spread easily.


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What is influenza? Influenza, named as real flu, is caused through …

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Tamiflu is a drug which has successfully been used for the treatment of influenza (viral flu) for many years. The medication’s main active substance is Oseltamivir which fights the symptoms and the spreading of the viral flu. The viral flu should not be confused with a regular cold or another flu-like infection.

Influenza symptoms

The real viral flu is marked by the serious course the disease takes. After the virus attacks the cells, it matures and spreads to more and more cells, thereby weakening the immune system and the patient’s whole body. Should the immune system have been weak already, influenza can even lead to death, especially in children and the elderly. Patients almost always have a fever, suffer from headaches, muscle aches, coughing and general discomfort. When left untreated, influenza may lead to pneumonia.

Influenza treatment

Tamiflu is a Neuramidase inhibitor and inhibits the spread of a certain virus protein which otherwise would cause the virus’ spread throughout the body. When the spreading of the virus is blocked, the immunity system is much better able to fight off the intruders. You should start taking Tamiflu as soon as possible after noticing the first symptoms for it to work most effectively.

Tamiflu is a prescription drug and as such not without potential side effects. So far patients mostly reported vomiting, nausea and stomach aches as possible side effects. However, these side effects appear with only some of the patients.

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