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Register HERE for the Affiliate Partnerprogram of Digital Marketing Services (DMS)/medix24.com You will receive 15% commission and 3% on each canvassed partner.

Your advantages as an affiliate of DMS/medix24.com

– 15% commission for each dispatched order
– 3% commission for recruited partners (2nd Tier)
– payment one month in arrears
– payment as soon as commission is higher than 250 Euros (ca. 5-10 orders)
– high quota of follow-up orders


Are you just a starter or already a professional in terms of search engine optimisation?
Are you just looking for a part time job or do you want a full time job with a Partner program which you can live on?
In any case, as an affiliate of DMS the service is trustworthy, safe and reliable in the field of on-line medicines.

Why become an affiliate for Medix24/DMS?

On Medix24.com (DMS mothership) there are only original EU regulated drugs. Therefore, as an affiliate you will not have any issues concerning fake or illegal medication – affiliates or partners of companies offering fake or illegal medication can be personally held responsible. DMS exclusively works with registered EU pharmacies which only offer originals allowed on the EU market. You do not risk having your website or domain blocked or deleted. Be aware that any company offering illegal or fake medicines cannot offer any such security. Partnering with DMS, you can be asured you are not at risk.

Companies offering generic drugs attract partners with high commissions 30%, 40% and up to 50 %. DMS, however is realistic with 15 %.

With DMS you receive your commission between the 5th and 10th of the following month for dispatched orders.

You are able to specifically invite users to your website by links made available to you. For example, if you have an erotic website it would be useful to place a link to a secondary page offering drugs against sexual impotence. Alternatively, you can also set a direct link to a product, for example, the potency drug Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

As an affiliate of DMS you additionally receive another so-called “2nd Tier Commission” of 3 % in addition to your first-time commission of 15% as stated above. You receive it on any order placed and dispatched by means of the website or link of any affiliate partner recruited by you. As soon as you have recruited 5 new partners you are doubling your commission.

As an affiliate of DMS you can profit from a high quota of repeat orders, for nearly all our customers’ expectations are well satisfied. You will definitely not lose a customer once recruited, and commissions on any of their subsequent order will be yours, too, even if a customer orders by phone. We can name customers having placed orders with us as long as five years ago and longer.

If you have any questions? Contact us at: affiliates@d-m-services.com

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