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Next to an unwanted pregnancy, a night of unprotected sex can also cause a highly unwanted STI such as syphilis.


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What are the causes and symptoms of syphilis?

A person infected with the bacterium Treponema pallidum can transmit syphilis to another person. Unlike with other STI’s, the use of a condom will not prevent transmission of the infection.
There are different stages in which Syphilis is experienced. The symptoms of syphilis vary from skin lesions called a chancres to formation of chronic gummas which are soft, tumor-like lumps of inflammation which may vary considerably in size. These symptoms usually occur anywhere in the later stages, usually within 15 years after the infection when it is not cured early on.

How can syphilis be treated?

Nowadays syphilis can be treated with an antibiotic with penicillin. Early treatment with an antibiotic will result in a more effective treatment of the infection. Additionally, it is very important to inform your sexual partner(s) about your condition and advise them to get tested and treated as well. In order to prevent further spreading of the virus, it is highly advised to not have sex until you know you are cured from the virus.

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