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Stomach ache

Stomach ache is very common and may have various causes. First of all, we must distinguish between acute and chronic stomach pain. Then there is the difference between manageable and severe pain, when a stomach ache is extremely painful you should contact your physician to rule out appendicitis (which can be felt in the lower right part of your belly).    


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Stomach ache with diarrhoea

When you have acute stomach ache combined with diarhoea, chances are you have a tummy bug. This is caused by an infection of your stomach or bowel and will disappear after a few days. Diclofenac can help you with the pain. When diarrhoea and pain remain for longer than a week, you should contact a physician to rule out more severe causes than just a common virus.

Stomach ache with diarrhoea may also be the result of food poisoning. Food poisoning can also lead to vomitting and fever or cold chills. A drug like Ibuprofen will help reduce the fever and increase your general sense of well-being.

Long term stomach ache

Long term stomach ache is most often the result of an underlying condition, such as irratable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease. In women, stomach aches may also be the result of period pain or menstrual cramps. These cramps are well treatable by for instance Diclofenac or Ibuprofen. A urinary tract infection may also have stomach ache as effect, Medix24 offers several antibiotics to help fight the infection.

Sudden and severe stomach ache

Sudden, excruciating stomach pain in a particular part of the stomach is always cause for concern. Appendicitis and a ruptured ulcer are serious conditions with severe implications when left untreated. Other underlying causes for stomach ache include kidney stones and gall stones, which also might be cause for hospitalisation. In case of sudden and severe stomach ache you should always contact a physician.

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