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Everyone who is sexually active may wonder at times whether they have caught an STI. Most people know you are at risk when you have unprotected sex, but beware that some STIs like warts also transfer from the skin a condom does not cover. Most people will be alerted when they discover they have symptoms, but even when you feel perfectly fine, you might have an infection as not all infections cause symptoms. Should you feel uncomfortable ordering STI treatment through your local pharmacy, order with Medix24 and we will handle delivery right to your home from one of our certified UK pharmacies.

STI symptoms

Symptoms may vary, especially between men and women. To give you an idea of the symptoms you may experience when you have an STI, we hereby give you some examples that might indicate you are infected:

  • A change in discharge (discoloration, smell, etc) for women. For men, discharge from the penis might also indicate an STI.
  • Itching, rashes, burning, sores, bumps etc. in the genital/ anal area
  • Pain when you urinate
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Women might experience bleeding between two periods or after intercourse

STI checker

When you recognise one or more of the symptoms above for the first time, we recommend you contact your GP or clinic. Sometimes you might have had an STI before and recognise the signs.

When you feel uncomfortable visiting a local doctor or pharmacy, you may also order treatment online. Medix24 provides a vast array of STI treatments, varying from antibiotics to lotions and creams. By filling out our extensive medical questionnaire, a doctor is able to establish the nature of your complaints and will order a prescription for you if s/he feels this is necessary. Medix24 will then provide sending of the treatment through a registered UK pharmacy and deliver to your home. When you have an STI, do not underestimate the consequences: treatment is necessary.


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