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Sleeping tablets

Many people suffer from sleeping problems or insomnia. Sometimes these sleeping problems are caused by jet-lag, sometimes by stress and some people suffer from it for apparently no good reason. Before you turn to medication, there are a few things you can try yourself which might help you sleep better. Cutting out caffeine before bedtime, not exercising at night, and creating a rhythm for yourself to help you relax might increase your chances of a good night sleep.


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Circadin sleeping tablets

Circadin is a medication used for sleep problems or insomnia, it contains melatonin, a human hormone which is produced in the epiphysis. Circadin will provide you with the opportunity to restore your normal biorhythm.

The effect of Circadin

If you have a normal biorhythm, your body does not make much melatonin because of the influence of (day)light. In the evening, when there is less light, the melatonin production starts. Melatonin is a hormone which makes you tired and fall asleep. You can use Circadin substitution when your body’s own melatonin is not sufficient; Circadin works just like your own melatonin was doing. It takes a Circadin one to two hours before you want to sleep. The best way is to take it together with some food.  If you have a jet lag, it is best to take Circadin at 10 pm on your arrival day.

Buying sleeping tablets online

When you do decide you need further help sleeping, many sleeping tablets are available online. It is very important to realise not every agent on the internet is reliable and you should make sure to only purchase sleeping tablets from verified EU pharmacies. Medix24 is such a company, through our registered pharmacies in the UK we guarantee you will receive genuine and approved medication when you order with us.

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