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Payment methods

At Medix24 you can pay via credit card (Mastercard and Visa) or via bank transfer (SEPA, Europe transfer).

Payment via credit card

If you pay by credit card, a so called pre-authorisation will be made when you complete your order. In doing so, the payment amount is reserved on your credit card. Only when delivery is successful, the amount on the credit card will be captured, thus decucted from your card. Payment information is SSL protected and is not distributed to other parties. Medicament names do not appear on your credit card statement. Instead of that “SIMPLE2PAY” is merely stated.

Orders made before 4 pm (including issuing prescription) can be shipped the same day.

Payment via bank transfer

Alternatively you can pay via bank transfer. The transfer is wired to the HSBC bank account of Natcol, one of our corresponding pharmacies. Consequently it is a SEPA (EUROPE) bank transfer. Normally the process of transferring takes up to 1 to 3 business days. There are cases the transfer is updated even the same business day.

Commonly the ordering procedure for a bank transfer may take several days. Please assure that your ordering number is stated correctly. In case you did not receive the necessary bank details please contact us immediately. We will send the details as soons as possible.

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