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Levonorgestrel is a drug used in contraceptives. It contains a synthetic hormone much alike to the progesterone your body naturally produces. By using contraceptives containing levonorgestrel, the uterus lining becomes less suitable for an egg to settle, while at the same time making it harder to be penetrated by semen.

Levonorgestrel contraceptive pill

Levonorgestrel is used in Microgynon, the most frequently used combined contraception pill. The hormones in the pill, synthetic oestrogen and progesterone, prevent the ovaries from releasing an egg, therefore no egg can be fertilised and you should not become pregnant. It is important that you take your pill properly, if you forget to take a pill or take it too late, its reliability may be greatly influenced.

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Levonorgestrel morning after pill

Levonorgestrel is the active ingredient in Levonelle (NorLevo), the morning after pill. Levonorgestrel should be taken as soon as possible after the unprotected intercourse.  Levonelle (NorLevo) prevents the sperm from penetrating the egg as well as preventing ovulation. Its exact use within the body is not entirely known but studies have proven Levonelle (NorLevo) is up to 99.6% effective in preventing pregnancy when taken within 12 hours after intercourse. It is important to realise that Levonelle (NorLevo) will not protect you from pregnancy after you have used it, it must never be taken preventively. You can only use Levonelle (NorLevo) once per menstrual cycle.

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