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We have listed the most common problems if you don't know how to continue an order or otherwise need help.

Help, I did not receive an e-mail.

In case you completed an order and did not get an e-mail confirmation, please check your junk mail folder first. If you also can’t find an e-mail there it might be possible that your e-mail provider or a computer program blocked the e-mail completely. Please contact us and we will re-send the e-mails at any time.

Why didn’t I get a Prescription?

If you did not get a prescription there might be several reasons. Maybe you made a mistake filling out the questionaire or the information you gave us regarding your heights and weight was wrong. Unfortunately, it is also not possible to order several impotence drugs at one time. If you did not get a prescription, please contact us.

P.S. If you paid by credit card, do not worry about any payment. Your card does not get charged until your order is actually shipped. If you paid by bank transfer, we will of course pay you back.

I received an Error Notice when I filled out my Order

Don’t worry, it is impossible to order twice. We carefully check every order. In addition, you will never get a prescription for two times the same medication. If you found a mistake in the ordering form, try the order again or contact us.

I ordered a few Days ago and still did not receive my Shipment

Usually, an order takes only 24 hours to ship. If a few work days have passed and you still did not receive your shipment, please contact us.

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