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Hair removal

Next to hair removal products as tweezers or waxing, various hair removal creams can be purchased on the market as well. Of course you can use hair removal creams, but you are only managing the problem rather than managing the growth. Hair removal cream on prescription will manage the cause of growth.


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Hair removal for women

Some women have unwanted facial hair, causing them to feel embarrassed. Unwanted facial hair may be caused by genetics, it usually runs in a family. Some women find they have an increase of facial hair during menopause. Physical problems like polycystic ovaries might also cause unwanted facial hair, leaving a woman suddenly looking for the best ways of hair removal.

Vaniqa is a different sort of hair removal product

Vaniqa gradually slows down the hair growth. Vaniqa differs from other hair removal products in that it deals with the source rather than the effect of unwanted facial hair. Usually Vaniqa’s effect will become noticable in 4 to 8 weeks. The rate of the growth is reduced for as long as the product is used.

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