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Genital warts symptoms


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Genital warts in men

Genital warts have a rather long incubation period which means that it might take months or even years before you see them. But when you do, you can recognise genital warts by little bumps or skin growths around the genital area. Men usually get quite hard warts which stand out from the skin, comparable to warts you may get on your hands or feet. These might itch or become irritated and cause discomfort. Please not that genital warts are highly contagious and doctors recommend you do not have skin contact with infected areas to prevent infecting your partner.

Genital warts in women

Genital warts are not painful but can cause embarrassment, also they are highly contagious so treatment (of both you and your sexual partner) is recommended. Other then in men, warts on female skin will usually start out as small spots which increase in size and become lumps. The warts might bleed from the friction caused by sexual contact, making them highly contagious. It is therefore recommended that you refrain from sexual contact until the warts are treated and healed.

Genital warts treatment

Warticon is very effective in its treatment of genital warts. It destroys the nucleus of the wart and without functional nuclei, the wart cannot grow or reproduce and will disappear gradually. Warticon is easy to apply with a cotton bud. Warticon should be applied twice a day for three days in a row. After that, allow four days of rest for Warticon do its work. When needed you can repeat treatment after these four days. For more information please visit our Warticon product page.

You may also opt for imiquimod, the active substance of Aldara cream. This cream helps the body fight the virus by preventing cell growth. Few our available treatments below.

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