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Genital herpes in women and men

Genital herpes in women is a common STI. Once a woman is infected with the disease, it will be stored in the nerves indefinitely and will frequently cause uncomfortable symptoms.


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Symptoms of genital herpes in women

Genital herpes, often referred to as just herpes, shows itself in blisters in the genital area which will turn into painful sores. Genital herpes in women may cause symptoms regularly, sometimes even weekly, but may also lie dormant for years. When a woman’s immune system is low, because of stress or other infections, outbreaks of sores and lesions will usually occur more often. Women have an added disadvantage with genital herpes as the pain of the sores will increase when they come into contact with urine. Another problem is that the virus may turn inward, from the cervix to the vagina. In other cases, cervicitis (the inflammation of the cervix) may be the only sign of genital herpes in women.

The genital herpes virus is not transmittable through breast milk, but mothers of infants who have genital herpes should take extra care as the blisters and sores are very contagious. The immune system of the infant is too weak to fight the virus which will therefore cause more severe problems in infants. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after using the bathroom and keep your symptoms as manageble as possible by using appropriate medication such as Valaciclovir or Aciclovir.

Symptoms of genital herpes in men

Just as with women, genital herpes in men will cause blisters and sores. Many men are unaware of their infection until they experience irritation, burning and pain around the genital areas. They may also experience pain inside the penis while urinating. These outbreaks will occur more frequent in some sufferers than in others, but once you have had sores and lesions they usually come back. In other cases the infection may only cause fever and flu-like symptoms.

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