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Getting pregnant can be an exciting period for a couple. Usually the vast majority of couples will conceive in a natural way within a year if they have unprotected sex on a regular basis. However, getting pregnant is not easy for everyone. Around one in every seven couples can experience fertility problems. For a couple with a desire to get pregnant, reduced fertility can be frustrating. However, we can only speak of fertility problems after unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant for a year or longer.


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What are the reasons for infertility?

There are different reasons for infertility:

  • Number one cause for infertility is the malfunction of the woman’s reproductive system. This means that the woman might experience problems with ovulating (releasing an egg to be conceived) or a blockage of the fallopian tubes and endometriosis.
  • To a lesser extent, men can experience reproductive problems as well meaning that men might experience a low sperm count.
  • Another reason for fertility problems is age. A woman is most fertile in her late 20’s. After that age fertility decreases and after the age of 35 the risk of miscarriages goes up.
  • Bad health lifestyle. Lack of a good diet and regular physical activity may reduce the chance to get pregnant.
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