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Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or ed is a term used to describe a man's erectile problems. It is perfectly normal that a man at times has difficulties getting an erection, but when this occurs frequently, we speak of erectile dysfunction.


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Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

The regular inability to either get or keep an erection.

Causes of erectile problems

Erectile dysfunction might be caused by either a physical or a phsycological factor. Examples of physical factors include cardiovascular and neurological problems, diabetes or hormonal problems. Certain types of medications might also influence a man’s erectile function.

Psychological problems like stress may occasionally influence a man’s ability to get an erection. When this occurs more regularly, these problmes could become a vicious circle: you feel insecure because you cannot get an erection, which makes getting an erection all the more difficult. Men suffering from a psychological erectile dysfunction might get erections in their sleep, this would add to the idea that the erectile problems are not physical.

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