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Contraceptive pill

Various contraception options are available. The pill is the option that is used by most.


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How does a contraceptive pill work?

The pill consists of hormones that prevent ovulation. As there is no egg released by the body, it is impossible for male sperm to fertilise an egg and cause pregnancy. Some contraceptive pills contain a combination of hormones, some are progestogen-only.

The pill has to be taken at the same time of the day, every day for 3 weeks which are followed by a week of no pills in which the menstruation occurs. Some brands of the contraceptive pill offer pills for 4 weeks, the fourth week pills then do not contain hormones, they are only taken to stay in the one-pill-a-day routine that some women regard more easy to remember.

Side effects of the contraceptive pill

Many women experience minor side effects like breakthrough bleeding.

Combined contraceptive pills increase the risk of thrombosis. The blood cloths formed by thrombosis can do severe harm, causing a stroke or in rare cases even death. Women who smoke or have a history of thrombosis have an increased risk when they use the pill. Usage of a contraceptive pill is therefore contraindicated in women with thrombosis or cardiovascular disease.

Influence of other medication on the contraceptive pill

Other medications may influence the reliablity of the pill. For instance,

  • medication against epilepsy
  • medication aganst tb
  • anti-fungal medication

are known to lessen the effect of the pill considerably. Consult your pharmacist if you want to know about the effects of other medication on the contraceptive pill.

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