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5 Tips for a Relaxed Vacation

5 Tipps fuer Urlaub
Finally it’s there, vacation. Sun, sea, beach and relaxation is what many of us dream about. Nevertheless, it often happens that the so-called best time of the year ends in a disaster. Here are 5 tips you can use to have your vacation not end up like that as well:

1. Sun

Keep in mind that in southern countries and in the mountains sunlight is more intensive, even when the sun doesn’t shine. Therefore it is wise to put on sunscreen with a high level of protection. Put sunscreen on multiple times a day, for as long as you are in the sun and drink plenty of water too. When you or your loved ones like to swim, a waterproof sunscreen is recommended. The water surface reflects sunlight and can intensify its effect as well. A good idea is to go outdoors daily. This way your skin gets used to the sun. For people with crew cut or no hair and babies, a cap or hat is advised. If you follow all these recommendations, you are nearly protected against all problems the sun can cause. Except for one: a sun stroke. Hyperthermia, headaches and general illness are the results. To prevent it just a simple tip: do not stay under that burning ball of fire in the sky for too long. If you do notice any of the signs of a sun stroke, get into the shadow as fast as possible and consult your doctor afterwards.

2. Diseases

Malaria is a worldwide occuring disease and is dangerous for travellers. Prior to your travels, inform whether your destination is known for being a malaria area. With Malarone you prevent getting malaria or when you alredy have it, you can get rid of it. Start taking it two days before embarking and take one every day to keep malaria away. Although Malarone prevents malaria, it doesn’t protect against those annoying mosquito bites. So put that mosquito repellent in your suitcase too. By the way, try using eucalyptus oil, it’s as effective as DEET, but it smells a lot better.
A lot less dangerous than malaria, but very uncomfortable is traveller’s diarrhoea. Bacteria fly around us all the time and at home you are practically immune to them. The bacteria abroad however are all new and can give you a serious case of the ‘Delhi Belly’. Pick your restaurants wisely, don’t drink tap water and stay away from local milk. And to alleviate and fight all symptoms if you do get it, bring a diarrhoea treatment pack.

3. Delay your period

Often you can’t avoid your monthly cycle from happening during your weeks off. But who wants this to spoil the vacation? Luckily there is a solution for women that do not take the pill. With Norethisterone women can postpone the period up to two weeks. It is available on prescription, so think about getting it on time.

4. Jetlag

Long flights, especially going east (the day shortens), can shake up your inner clock. Its consequences are disorientation, agressiveness and a disturbed day and night rhythm. Slowly adjust your sleeping cycle by going to bed earlier or later, depending on which way you travel. In the plane you should move frequently and refrain from drinking alcohol and coffee. Drink water instead to reduce dehydration caused by the dry air in the plane. Adjust yourself as fast as possible to the day and night rhythm of your destination, by modifying your watch and phone as well. And even when you are really tired, it is best to not sleep during the day, but to wait for the evening to get that biorhythm functioning normal again. Additionally take in melatonine, a human hormone produced in the epiphyse. Take this remedy 2 hours before going to sleep on the day of arrival and you’ll be alright again. Sleeping pills on the other hand, directly before or after your flight are highly discouraged since these can cause thrombosis.

5. Harmony

Regularly issues between travel partners happen on vacation too. All of a sudden you’re together all day for multiple days, which normally doesn’t happen very often. This doesn’t always work out well. Different thoughts about leisure time, punctuality, cleanliness and order cause this. The list goes on and on. It’s important to discuss these things prior to your vacation with your travel partner. Plan ahead a little helps. Think of an alternative program, do activities seperately and talk about how you see the vacation. And make clear agreements about what happens when. Try it out. Actually, try it all out. We wish you a great and relaxing holiday and enjoy the best time of the year.


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