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Avanafil is a new treatment for erectile dysfunction, it was approved for this purpose in 2013. An advantage Avanafil has to other well-known impotence treatments is its quick onset, most users are able to have intercourse 15 minutes after taking Avanafil.

Using Avanafil for impotence treatment

Many men occasionally suffer from erectile dysfunction, commonly called impotence. When you are unable to get or maintain an erection and this happens more and more, you might want to consider using a PDE5 inhibitor. Avanafil is such a PDE5 inhibitor, it blocks the degradative effect of the blood vessels in the penis. Avanafil is recently approved as for impotence treatment and now exists besides other active ingredients which you might already know or have tried:

Tests show that Avanafil positively distinguishes itself from other impotence treatments by its onset period, some men are able to maintain an erection after 12 minutes but most everyone experiences results within 20 minutes. Although tests show this, Avanafil has not been on the market for a long time. Fully marketed treatments as Cialis and Viagra have been, hence side effects are minimised and the medications are fully optimized.
WARNING: You may never take more than 1 impotence pill per 24 hours, even if they are from different brands or have different ingredients.

Can I use Avanafil impotence pills?

Most people can safely use Avanafil. If you use nitrate medicine however, you may not use Avanafil. If you have heart problems or blood pressure problems, we may also advise against taking the drug. It is therefore important that you fill out the extensive medical questionnaire in the ordering process, this allows licenced physicians to check whether you have any contraindications.

Side effects you might experience when using Avanafil:

Some men experience headaches, fever and redness of the skin while using Avanafil. There are also rare reports of men experiencing blurred vision or dizziness; should that be the case, please monitor your symptoms and when in doubt, contact your local physician and report you expect these complaints to be a side effect of Avanafil. For extensive side effects we refer you to Avanafil’s patient information leaflet, please make sure you keep this leaflet throughout the use of Avanafil as side effects might randomly occur.



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